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I'm an ass kicker with a nurturing side who loves a good off color joke. Additionally, I've cried watching the notebook and sometimes distract myself cleaning my NYC apartment (so dusty...) to avoid getting work done. 

The reason I share this? So you know I'M HUMAN. 

Having worked with thousands of people from over 33 countries and from my own experience, I've discovered one simple fact - to go from where you are now to what's next takes clarity, growth, and consistent effort.

The most common mistake? Trying to be like the gurus, teachers, and people you learn from.

Wouldn't you rather be yourself than a false copy of the teachers and gurus you look to? And, don't you think they would want you to become all of who you are.

If you want to stop getting in your own way and start learning how to tap into your originality and use that as your power to build the next level of your life, business, and work; you will save years of overthinking/problem-solving and accelerate your growth by defining your own path and tapping into your original power.

Don't just live your life, build your life.

What will the next version of you make possible?

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It's Time To Stop Waiting

There's only so much that can be researched and pieced together
before you realize that the greatest change comes from
the support and guidance of someone experienced.