Are You Sharing Your Experiences?

If you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with, what happens when you're looking for something different in life or not fully satisfied, do you find new friends?

Technically, that would make sense: it’s along the same lines of if you're not happy with your health, you change your eating and exercise habits. On the other end, if you're not happy with where you're at in your day-to-day, then new friends could be just that change you're looking for.

It can be overwhelming to recognize that while you may love your friends or co-workers, you're operating on a completely different level of thinking that they'll never understand.

So what can you do?

In many cities and towns, there are “Meetups,” weekly gatherings, and other groups that come together with the idea of having a particular focus or goal for each meeting. These can definitely be worth checking out.

However, I've often found that when I go to places like these, I feel a little turned off.

  • The group usually meets weekly and I'm too lazy (and busy) to make that kind of commitment.

  • Framework for the group has already been set, while I'm a person that likes to shake things up and push the edge.

  • A majority of the time, attendees are regulars who already have a bond and I feel like I'm barging in – no matter how welcoming a person is!


That's why I'm starting a new concept called Table Talks, to coincide with my new site.

In the coming months, I will be hosting small intimate gatherings of 8-10 people at cafés around NYC and other locations.

With these Table Talks, it will be like any life-changing conversation – free flowing and without structure, for a raw and organic experience. The goal? To feel more fulfilled in life, authentically share what's on your mind, and walk away feeling alive and energized with a clear idea of next steps you can take towards living a more meaningful life. All in an atmosphere that we get to create in the moment and turn into our own unique event!

The first Table Talk will be held in NYC and I've opened 10 spots, each with some bonus treats! As well, if you would like me to visit a location close to you, please check out the Events page to enter a “Request to Visit.”

I would love to see you be one of the 10 for the first-ever Table Talk - Check It Out: