Do You Fear Death?

A few months ago my grandmother passed away, and on that night I decided to do what any normal person does. Hop on facebook and share my true feelings on death. Let me say, they aren't typical. Before I get right into what I wrote, what's most important is what another reader wrote. Let me say, you never know how what you say or do will change the life of another person. So as you read on this site, take what works for you and move on from what doesn't. Don't be afraid to go back though. Most importantly - share with me how you're feeling and what you enjoy here.

Brother-In-Law Passing.png

Original Facebook Post:

Last night my grandmother passed away.

Eerily enough though, over the past few years, I have learned that I'm pretty comfortable now with death. Simply viewing it as one state of energy moving into another. (That's some "new agey" shit)

However, I have learned, that's not why people cry and have so many mixed emotions seeping out of them. In fact, death is pretty natural and we all know it's coming. That's why I'm always striving to create great experiences for myself and others. It's why I love to write - for others.

So why do we have such a bag of emotions? - CHANGE. Oddly, we love change. What we don't love, is being changed. When someone leaves us, we don't know what we'll do with that extra time or space, who to have those types of conversations with, be treated in the way only that person treated us, or have that connection that was shared and so special. In fact, that change can come through as fear.

Instead of trying to face fear or run away from it, become friends with fear. When you can do that, life never looked so beautiful, savoring every moment.

What we so often forget, is those special conversations and moments we've had with someone. The fact they've had such an impact on our life. They've become a part of us. Maybe it's in the way we talk, favorite topics, food we eat, or even the colors we love. Everything about us comes from something else.

So Remember - That person who has left you behind, a piece of them is still with you until it's your time. The time where you leave a piece of yourself behind as well. Those days you spend sputtering around on your phone or not accomplishing the things you truly want to in life, that's what really needs to change. When you impact others and create, you're passing those pieces of yourself and the others before you on. Our names eventually forgotten, but our impact still alive.