When Your Love Does Not Exist

What happened after I shared MY STORY the other week was beyond what I could even imagine. To be honest, I had NO idea what to expect. I had some major butterflies fluttering around and I found myself quadruple checking everything to make sure I didn’t mess up something before I hit “send.” That, and I wouldn’t make a fool of myself!

Some pretty wild effects happen when you’re completely authentic and put your life out on the table, saying, “take it or leave it: this is who I am.”

The amount of people that personally wrote me, commented on my post, and shared their stories with me was exhilarating. Pouring out their hearts to me, telling me how they once had some (or all) of those feelings. And a fair amount still do! Others reached out, just to tell me how much they cared.

It made me realize that a wise man was right when he told me:

“There is no such thing as love unless you show it. You may feel it,

but it does not exist until the other person experiences it.”


Do you ever hear a phrase and it sounds warm and fluffy, but it doesn’t really hit you until you can directly relate? I think those responses pouring in are what made me realize that you cannot simply think something and expect another person to know it, as much as we wish that were possible.

Do you have a friend, lover, family member, or some other individual that means a lot to you? Show them, tell them, or do something for them in the best way you can. Trying to make something bigger than it needs to be is what hinders us. Try keeping is simple:

  • Tell your friend you love them.
  • Write a card for someone you care about.
  • Say “hi” during the day!
  • Let a person know you were thinking about them.
  • Grab some lunch.
  • Give them a hug.

It’s your actions that matter: your thoughts can only bring you up so many steps. You’ll never make it to the next floor if you’re waiting halfway up the stairs.

When you share yourself, somehow others begin to feel comfortable doing the same thing. If not with everyone, at least with yourself.

And if someone makes fun of you, gives you a hard time, or does anything else that’s inappropriate, they are what is known as an asshole.


“Someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead....

Sean is the biggest fucking asshole I've ever met in my life!

- The very reputable, Urban Dictionary

The best part? You don’t need to even take what they say into consideration.


So whom are you going to reach out to today? What are things you’ve done to show someone you care?

Those feelings, thoughts, and kind words don’t exist until they leave your head and are shared with that person.