The Do's and Dont's of Getting High

Do Not

  • Plan it out - When you know what to expect, it doesn’t make what you're doing as exciting.
  • Look at the time - You end up feeling rushed or trapped forever.
  • Check-in online too often - You’ll miss the whole world around you as it's happening. You are the leader of your life and are not to be dictated by the messages of others. You are living your life, not theirs.
  • Worry - You are the conductor of life: you can either change what’s causing anxiousness or you cannot. In that respective order, take action or let go.
  • Become attached - What is in your control now may not be in your control in a split second. Enjoy what you have while you have it: you need no more.
  • Overlook the familiar - There’s a reason why you’ve kept it in your life.
  • Seclude yourself - Balance time both alone and with others.



  • Be open to new experiences - That’s where your vibrant energy comes from.
  • Live in the moment - This way you can enjoy the thrill of where you’re at.
  • Let go - You cannot dictate the future. The past is gone and there is only right now.
  • Have gratitude - Be thankful for what you have today, not what you’re expecting tomorrow.
  • Explore what you know - There’s something special about the essence of what once had us in awe.
  • Share adventures with others - It makes the experience even more special and memorable.


When it comes to being high, I’m simply talking about living this thing called life. Nothing more and nothing less.

If you spend all your time working towards your goals and dreams, where's the excitement? You have to live life while creating what you want. Endlessly looking to the future causes you to miss the present and the opportunity to create something even more perfect. And when you are striving towards a goal, immerse yourself within it.

Go live and fill yourself up with the high of life. Really breathe it in.

What’s one thing you’re going to focus on this week? One decision and one action is all it takes to make a difference.