Spotlight: Marianne Cantwell

When you grow up, your parents say that you have to do certain things or they try to give you advice. Most of it doesn’t really click until you begin to go through the experiences yourself. Hopefully we remember what they said (or maybe not). Other times, people give advice and you sort of get what they mean, but then when another person says it, they were able to connect the dots for you somehow. Pow! A surge of lightning hits your brain and it all makes sense. The other week I received an early US copy of Free Range Humans, by Marianne Cantwell. I’ve read so many books on creating your own business and the whole shebang, but something doesn’t always jive with me. I love the materials, which provide great resources and baskets full of goodies. When I picked-up Free Range Humans though, something was different. That past advice began to click, there was something about the way she described and spoke through the pages that completely made sense.

Cantwell directly addresses so many of the pitfalls people come across. She points out that it wasn’t just about what someone should be doing or what the vision should be. She actually provides steps to help counteract what really needed to be tackled - the route there. Forget easier said than done, she helps with both.

In this day and age where we all love everything spoon fed to us, when it comes to entrepreneurial ventures, you can only do so much. Cantwell did just enough, and boy did she do it right.

The chapters are short, but there are plenty of them. You get bursts of information that are extremely useful, but won’t overload what you’re doing

Each chapter has a recap and action steps. I don’t know about you, but I get lost in what I’m reading sometimes. Simple action steps help you start right away instead of having to wait for the next (Insert excuse - paycheck, know how, day off, etc)

The book is a building block. Everything interconnects and teaches you in complete and minimal (but powerful) steps how to be a maven at what you’re doing. Even if that’s figuring out exactly what it is you’re doing. Sometimes we just want to escape where we’re at and Marianne helps you do that.

I’m not ashamed that I get antsy reading, the fact that someone communicates in a way that I jive with, I LOVE. Instead of wondering, take the action and forget the excuses.

Go to store (Amazon?) > Order > Read > Do = Simple Life Change with dramatic results.


Here, I’ll help get you started - Free Range Humans Book

Why do what everyone else wants when you can do your own thing(s) and love it!