How You're Setting Yourself Up To Be Poor

What are your goals? Is it:

  • + Money
  • + College education
  • + Living on a tropical island
  • + Visiting every country
  • + Dreamy Job

The traditional concept of achieving goals was created decades ago. Those old ways are well on their way to fizzling out and it’s pretty clear.

  • + Colleges are declining and becoming more expensive
  • + More students are getting degrees and acquiring more debt than ever before
  • + At the same time, the middle class is depleting and more people are becoming poor

Seriously, more people are becoming poor and it’s because they’re operating off old beliefs and trying to work within a decaying system of how to work. It’s not time to be a victim, ask for a handout or blame the 1% or someone else. You can do that, but if you’re not where you want to be, don’t expect any changes. You need to make those changes. In fact, you need to look at yourself and ask - “am I falling victim to my own beliefs?”

Where do you fall in the mix?

Are you trying to fight an old fight working your way to the top at the expense of your dreams and becoming poor? Ironic, I know.

Are you willing to bend your mind and the way you view the world so you can actually be happy or are you so stubborn you’re willing to stay stuck?


I may focus on helping people bring their goals to life, but the way I do it is not a traditional approach. Just look at the testimonials on my site, you’ll see.

Being poor is not just about the money, but it’s about your mentality and the way you live your life.

As such, being rich is not just about the money either, but the way you think and lead your life.


These changes go deep and I’m going to let the person who explains it best do so. This is the article that made me aware of how many people are not aware.

Read here why you need to change the way you’re thinking and most likely quit your job.