Organizing A Disorganized Life

When I found out I was asked to present my TED Talk a few weeks ago, I immediately began crafting and practicing for it. It’s as if all good things began to collide that month and have continued that way.


First I was asked to do the TED Talk and then all of a sudden in the same week, I started getting more requests to go on dates. Great! I’m down to the wire practicing for a presentation and no time for dates. Ugh…

That was just the start of it though. All the things that I have been working towards and building over the past year, began to come into fruition too. And it’s some of my best work yet!


I Began:

  • Teaming with web designers and copywriting for the sites they work on
  • Helping develop Google Glassware with an augmented reality focus
  • Putting the finishing touches on the soon to be first product on my site – A guide to help you identify what you were taught growing up that may actually be hindering your success. So you can change your approach to life to reach your goals
  • Began Start-Up Concepting for beginner entrepreneurs and Life Concepting for people who are trying to figure out what they really want out of life
  • Getting my MBTI certification and creating sessions around Extrovert and Introvert Collaboration and Group Dynamics


With all of these new opportunities, I began to feel overwhelmed. And it was easy for me to see.

I stopped working out, going to zen, and my meditation practice fell off. My apartment, it was a mess. Dishes started piling up, mail and papers all over the place, and I wasn’t cleaning like I usually would.

When I get super busy, I can sometimes operate off the belief that when something absolutely has to be done it will, otherwise it’s not a priority, at least in my personal life. Which is true, but it doesn’t necessarily make me feel great. I’m all about feeling good. I was able to manage the work, but not manage myself. That’s why I’m starting to make some changes.

I honestly haven’t had so much work to for the past three years. I used to do event planning and presentations and would be running around the clock. I took a break for about 2-3 years though. Things have been steady and I continued to pursue my personal work, but not like this. I noticed it, and I have to whip myself back into shape – literally and figuratively!

In the past, I mainly focused on the work, but now I want to be able to do both. There doesn’t always need to be a 50/50 balance, but I can’t only focus on one area of life.


For now, I’m starting to incorporate one area of life back in my busy schedule at a time. This week, I’m focusing on bringing my physical well-being back into the picture. I got back into the meditation and I’m going to start working out. I don’t have tips for you just yet. There’s a couple in mind, but I want to see how they work.

I always love diving in and figuring out how to remedy a situation. What has worked for you so far or what areas of your life are you feeling lack?