The EO Method

The Entrepreneur's Optimization Method

Find Your Flow For Faster Business Results

James is someone I would have on my team anytime as an advisor, supporter and trusted ally, and I’d recommend him to anyone wanting the same.
— Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur (#1 Amazon Best Seller)

Better Results, Faster.

Do you know the one thing that's holding you back from what you want next? Your operating system (OS) of who you are.

This is true whether you are getting your first client or raising prices.

Think about it, have you ever had to update your phone or computer because something you wanted to use wasn't working right? It's because the operating system was out of date or had a glitch. The same thing is happening in terms of your personal growth and business goals.

Your past history, stories, and beliefs are in conflict with who you are trying to become to reach your next level. Otherwise, you would presently be achieving it.

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Common Symptoms

Do you ever experience any of these? You're not alone.

  • Know what you want to do, but experience self-doubt
  • Have an idea of next steps, but take inconsistent action
  • Try different strategies, yet still don't get the results you desire
  • Spend more time in your head than you do taking action
  • Find yourself trying to piece different strategies together
  • Question whether you're worth the money you would like to charge

Rubber Band Dilemma

Have you ever worked with a coach and had short-term results, only to find you went back to your old ways once your work was done with them?

Or, have you ever tried doing all the stuff that's recommended only to get overwhelmed or burnt out?

Me too, and it sucks. That's because you're like a rubber band being stretched. Whether it's myself or any coach trying to push you, if it's not your choosing or it's out of alignment, stretched too far you will bounce right back to your original ways, especially once the support or accountability disappears.


Rewire. Rethink. Retrain.

The way you experience personal challenges + growth in business will never be the same.

That's why our work together is all about rewiring and reconditioning the way you operate in a way that's in alignment with you to achieve your goals. Have you ever noticed that some people do webinars while others only write? Or, some coaches do a half hour session while others do a two hour session?

It's not always what you're doing, it's the way in which you do it. That's especially true for the way you operate and the way you run your business. Otherwise, when you finally achieve your goals, it will be a relief instead of the fulfillment you're truly desiring.

Really think about it, how much money and business and success are you missing out on, passing up each day? All because a feeling or thought arises that puts a barrier between you and the results you really desire. How has your challenge affected the relationships you have and the other areas of your life?

Wouldn't you love to finally get the results you desire for yourself right now, not later through some self-inflicted struggle and ego driven journey? Life is already a journey and has its own challenges, you don't need to create more for yourself.


Join me in The EO Method

If you're finally ready to drop the excuses, give it all you got, and dive deep to experience real transformation and simultaneously discover the strategies that are in alignment with you - this is your time. 

I remember with one prior client, she had challenges with confidence. Within three weeks she moved further along than she ever had and during her first event 8 people said they were interested in working with her.

Now I’ll be honest, it’s a process. She didn’t get all 8 people to work with her despite an amazing presentation. When it came to the one-on-one conversations, she had more confidence challenges appear.

And you know what? That’s okay, the conditioning and patterns in your life run deep and we’ll continue together to move you further along.

We’re all on our own journey, it just makes it better when you have someone who truly cares supporting you to create everlasting change in your life and business.

What will your transformation look like and what would it mean to you to achieve your goals?


Who Is This For?

Those that are committed to their goals and their growth. What does that look like?

  • You're willing to get vulnerable and share what's truly happening
  • You're open to sharing details of your past when it's necessary
    *Hint: If you're not, you've pinpointed a challenge right there
  • You're open to experimenting and going outside your comfort zone
  • You'll admit your own B.S. when you're called on it
  • You're passionate about going after your calling or figuring out what that is
  • You're willing to evolve, grow, and change
  • You know that life is too important to be taken seriously

Who Is This Not For?

This isn't for you, if: 

  • You're not open minded
  • You're not committed to your goal and putting in the effort
  • You're set on staying safe
  • You're not open to hearing feedback for growth

What Will We Do

  • Get an overview of your present business
  • Clarify and solidify your direction and vision
  • Understand the challenges you're presently experiencing
  • Get you into gear, taking action immediately
  • Solve the challenges you experience in the process
  • Begin operating on another level like you never have before


You can keep researching and relying on time and knowledge in hopes that your business and other areas of life will improve. Or, decide this is the moment you take action that creates real results at an accelerated rate.

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