Get Ready To Activate + Upgrade Your Life

Step 1: Pick Your Commitment Level

*6 Month programs receive $500 off (Minimum commitment is 3 months)

Package #1



  • One Hour Sessions
  • 1 Main Goal
  • Personalized Assignments
  • -
  • -
*3 Months = $3,000
*6 Months = $5,500

Package #2



  • Two Hour Sessions
  • Multi-Goal Focus
  • Personalized Assignments
  • -
  • -
*3 Months = $6,000
*6 Months = $11,500

Step 2: Message James To Start

Let's get you started so we can take care of what's happening for you today, not tomorrow. Now that we're connected, shoot me a message with what package and timeline you would like and we'll get you setup.


Session Time

  • Sessions are 4 times per month with either a cap of one hour or two hours based on package selection.


  • Goals are an important way to capture where you're moving towards and what you'd like like to change.

Personalized Assignments

  • Personalized Assignments are action steps and what you're responsible for accomplishing before our next session to keep you moving forward and growing.

Support Between Sessions

  • Support between sessions can happen in many ways. Brief text, phone, email, and video chat conversations to answer questions and also provide additional motivation and guidance.

Accountability Reminders

  • Three days a week you will receive follow-up on your assignments and also reply with progress updates. This helps you discover any challenges/repeated patterns that are occurring and an opportunity for on the spot coaching for guidance between sessions. In addition, this will help us identify any additional "change work" that is needed in your sessions.

Payment Options

  • All credit cards accepted.