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natalie sisson

I worked with James on the production and publication of my No. #1 Bestselling Amazon book The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

He was one of my chief editors and I really appreciated his insights, knowledge and editing skills as well as his ability to turnaround important edits in a great time frame.

He gave meaningful feedback on not only my writing style, but the structure and key messages within my chapters which I truly appreciated.

James was also super supportive during the writing process and showed a genuine interest in my work, over and above editing and feedback. I felt he was invested as much as I was making this the best book possible.

For those very reasons James is someone I would have on my team anytime as an advisor, supporter and trusted ally, and I’d recommend him to anyone wanting the same.

- Natalie Sisson, Author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Nathan Agin

James was able to provide solid feedback with regard to my business plan and services. His thoughts and insights were immensely helpful and I’m grateful that he exercised such thoroughness and thoughtfulness in his comments. Highly recommend seeking his advice for writing projects and editing.

- Nathan Agin, Creator/Host of Travel.Eat.Thrive

Ashley Bush

James is a refreshing individual who guides everyone to their best possible self. He’s encouraging and up-lifting. James has the ability to remind you that your childhood dreams can and will be a reality with enough dedication and hard work.

When I first met James, he stood out from most people because he asked me, “What do you want to do with your life?” When I gave him the go-to professional ‘what-I’m-supposed-to-say’ answer he politely nodded and then he said, “Yes, but what do you REALLY want to do with your life?” No one had ever asked me that before, and I knew the answer right away, and it wasn’t what I was doing.

He’s a reminder that dreams can be a reality, and he helps everyone in their journeys to what they REALLY want. I suggest reading his blog, and receiving his emails. His advice is un-conventional which is precisely what this 9-5 routine driven world needs.

- Ashley Bush, Jewelry Designer

Bert Jerred

James is an encouraging, positive and insightful individual. Much of what I create for the zoo comics series was directly influenced by James’ helpful coaching. He can bring people from brainstorming to true action through face-to-face conversation and an extensive knowledge of Internet tools and resources. A tremendous help!

- Bert Jerred, Writer and Creator of the Zoo Comic Series

Raven Shelton

Sometimes in life we set out a well devised plan with very detailed steps but often we get side tracked or begin to question whether or not our current life plan is something we even want to see through. As we grow naturally we change. When I was younger I wanted to be a High School English Teacher, by High School a Forensic Scientist, then by college a counselor. With that said, James has really helped me to stop and question what my passion is and how can I turn it into a career.

I met James in my junior year at the University of New Haven and since then I could tell he has a genuine passion for getting people to critically think about what it is we want out of life and how can we achieve our goals.

I remember we used to have little weekly pep talks to really push one another to get what we really want out of life. I remember when James was just hatching his plan and two years later I am happy to see it up and running! I encourage ALL to check it out, trust me you won’t be disappointed and maybe you will begin to question if you are really fulfilling your passion in life.

- Raven Shelton, Counselor

Christie Boronico

James Wightman manages an inspirational service, offering up tremendous value to all of his connections. The inspirational quotes and thoughts that he shares with his network brighten our day and ensure we look at life with a positive perspective.

- Christie Boronico, Vice-President Enrollment Management

I am happy to say I’ve have had the pleasure of crossing paths with James during my life. He is one of the most disciplined and creative people I’ve gotten to know and has truly played a positive role in my life. Not only in my personal development, but professional as well. His ability to help others through LifeSketch is an excellent example of his hard work, determination, and his dedication to inspiring others to re-think not only how they view their self, but their perception of life as well. And to think – that’s only a peek into his mind. He’s definitely an eye opener and worth the time to say hello.

Although quiet at times, you can tell he’s always thinking. When he does speak, listen. He’s often able to open your mind with only a few short words.
— Samah Juana
In the few interactions I’ve had with James, he has been a pleasure to work with. He is thoughtful and energetic and provides practical information for the direction you want to go. It is rare to find someone who listens well, and who sincerely cares about helping others achieve their potential. Bravo for practicing and teaching creative passion!
— Sindy Ho
James is a great person to have in your life. He is dependable and reliable. He is always there for a person in any capacity whether it is just listening, giving guidance, or taking on a project. There are not many people I would trust more than James.
— Allyn Turnofsky
I have known and worked with James for over 5 years in many different capacities. He is one that I can lean on when I need questions answered, advice given and help when needed. Adept with a determined disposition, James is hardworking, dependable and giving. He has a genuine concern for the welfare of people and goes out of his way to aide in their development. There have been many times that I’ve even asked James for his guidance. His advice is sound, his knowledge on various topics, astounding, and his drive, tenacious. James only strives for the best and reaches all goals that he sets his mind to. I recommend James for any endeavor that he seeks. You can be sure that whatever tasks he takes on, he will promote its growth.
— Marquis Bell, Advertising Project Manager
I’ve had the pleasure of having James available as a consultant on numerous occasions over the past few years. I can, with good faith, say that there are few people in this world who have such a firm grasp on how to achieve ones goals. James is remarkably able to both encourage you and simultaneously give you the tools to encourage yourself. Even in casual conversations, he is able to get you to look at your life from an angle that encompasses both spiritual and analytical views. Most importantly James speaks and is attentive to to the individual. There’s never a point when a client feels like he’s receiving a run of the mill consult.

To me, is an extension of the great work that James has been doing over the past few years. It is the same great content coming from the same great mind; now available to the masses via the web. Anyone who takes the time to peruse through the lifesketch website will surely have an inspiring experience. provides tools for immediate use in day to day life that help you achieve success at the work place, in personal endeavors and also help you to discover yourself on a whole new level.
— Steven Thompson, Music Professional
James has been a major influence on my personal development. He is always available to chat and offer amazing advice and support. I’ve had the opportunity to be friends and seek guidance from him the last 2 years and he has truly been an inspiration and a positive addition to my group of confidants. James takes a holistic approach to business and helping others and it is very refreshing. James is a very intelligent individual and strives for success. He has a genuine personality and works very well with others. I foresee James having a very successful career with Life Sketch! And I wholeheartedly support him in all his endeavors.
— Amanda Doerr, Blogger for Diary Of A Once Unwanted Girl
James is a great person. Having had the chance to work with James I can say honestly he has the gift of being able to help anyone in any situation. His patience and ability to communicate directly and clearly make him easy to be around and an asset to any employer.
— Brendan Finn, Music Artist of BIG UPS
I’ve worked with James in a number of different professional settings. His passion for quality work shows regardless of how large or small a task may be. His enthusiasm and clear communication skills would make him a great asset to any team or the leader of one as well. He’s always been a pleasure to work with and I wish him much success on all of his future endeavors.
— Solomon Sheffield
James was my first year experience teacher in my third semester at Bryant & Stratton College. Between juggling a full-time job, full-time school, and taking care of my son, I was able to find my own way to make it work by applying his individual advice to me at the time. Anyone who is lucky enough to have him as a professor, employee, or co-worker will truly benefit from his magnetic personality. He has a way of making one think about what it is they really want in life and helps guide them in that direction. His positive and energetic attitude is refreshing as well as enjoyable to be around. James would be a great asset to any position he desired and I wish him nothing but the best in all he wants to accomplish!
— Desiree Mcleod, Former Student at Bryant & Stratton College