Speaking is an art, and art is never constant. Always changing and consistently touching the souls of those who come in contact with it. Me, I have to engage with an audience, experience the energy, tap into and give them what they're craving for - a life changing experience. Whether it's one person or thousands, I live to positively drive organizations and influence people's lives on a level beyond standard presentations.

I have no set speaking fee, but at minimum I do require travel and accommodations to be covered. The more your organization is aligned with my purpose and values, the more likely I will be to consider speaking.


  • Value Creation - What value is it you're really providing others and/or the organization you work with?
  • Uncovering Limiting Beliefs - Flipping your fear to move you forward
  • True Growth - Changing your perception of what you know as reality
  • Q&A (Questions & Actions) - Filling the gap between where you're at and what you'd like to achieve
  • Send Me Your Idea - Life is unlimited, so are the speaking possibilities

Contact me below and let's connect to see how I can serve your organization or audience. Most importantly, I do promise to spend ample time before and/or after the event to connect on a more intimate level.

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James Wightman has a way of engaging you without it feeling forced, a way to understand you without it feeling uncomfortable. He is an enthusiastic speaker that cares greatly for his audience. After his event I was left feeling invigorated and with a new outlook on life. He empowers you to take charge of your own life and seeing new possibilities.
— Mari Bockmann