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Work + Pay Bills + Monitor Health + Get Married + Have Kids

What typically happens?

Most parents bring their childhood beliefs into their adult life and never change. Do you see your parents...

  • Struggling to pay bills
  • Stressed out from work
  • Living for the weekend?

As children (you), we unknowingly pick up on these patterns and repeat them unintentionally. Do you find yourself...

  • Wishing you were clearer on the direction of your life but still feel lost?
  • Looking to others for guidance and direction for next steps?
  • Concerned with the approval of your friends and others?
  • Seeking permission for fear of making a mistake?

No matter how hard you or your parents try learning skills for renting, career, homeownership, money, relationships, etc. If the psychology isn't there, it never works quite right.

Most people go on to relive these patterns - passing them down to their kids, their kid's kids, and so on as a continuous cycle.

You have the chance to change this.

Are you ready to break
the pattern & change your life forever?

100% Money Back Guarantee



- Tony Robbins

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James Wightman

Hi All,

James Wightman here, Change Master and Founder of the Psychology of Adulting™.

Like you, I once found myself questioning - why after all the mentors, all the research, all the learning, and all the acquiring of skills, why was I not where I wanted to be? In fact, I was depressed and on the brink of committing suicide.


I said - "Never Again!"

In that moment I made the decision to reclaim the independence and power that I had been missing so I could take ownership of my life. Never again, was I going to feel that way and I went on a mission to transform my life and help others transform theirs with everything I discovered in the process.

Since then, I've helped hundreds of people from over 33 countries just like you reclaim their power and shift the way they approach their life and look at the world.

In the course of a year I went all the way from being a janitor in Syracuse NY, to an academic advisor, to a student solutions manager located in the heart of New York City. Soon after that, I began serving as a Director of Student Success for one of U.S. News & World Report's Top 50 Ranked Colleges.

Just as I didn't want to suffer anymore, I don't want you to suffer anymore. Living in - uncertainty, self-doubt. self-shame, and not enoughness.

You deserve better!

Now, combined with my 15 years of personal and professional development research, I want to give you the opportunity to learn the key factors that took me years to master and understand.

Joanne G
"I remember, one day, we were talking and you were giving me tips on how to meet people. The one thing I'll never forget was when you told me to never look down when I walk. It seems so small, but ever since you told me that, I never walked with my head down again. 
It gave me so much confidence and I became more approachable. After that, I knew almost everyone on campus! I'm sure I've heard it from others, but for some reason it stood out the most to me from you, so I thank you for that." - Joanne G.

100% Money Back Guarantee

So What Will We Do?

Two of the most powerful hours of your life.

You will learn the key beliefs that will transform your life and influence generations to come. Your family's struggles, don't have to be your struggles. Your current obstacles, don't have to be your fears, but instead serve as your steps to epic growth.

Would you rather have an expedited life, going further faster or deal with unnecessary challenges?

Learn to take life into your own hands

  • How your emotions can make or break your success
  • The way you hold your body can cause you to miss out on opportunities
  • Ways you direct your thoughts can direct your future
  • Relationship with yourself can help or hurt every other area of your life

No matter what age you are or where you're at in life, it's time to transform and rewire the way you look at life if you haven't already. You need to think differently, so you can do differently. You can take all the courses you want, but the psychology that runs your life is what really has to change.

What You Get

  • 2 hour session of interactive live video, capped at 15 people
  • A breakdown of key beliefs to shift your thinking
  • Live Q&A combined with personal one-on-one coaching on how to implement into your life
  • Limited time Private Event Page - Ask questions, build community, and grow.

How Much Is This?

Enroll Now - $45

**Reserve your seat, only 15 spots per class**

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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  • Take multiple classes searching for the right answer
  • Ask friends and family who probably have the very patterns that need breaking
  • Spend hours researching and feeling overwhelmed by all the info out there
  • Keep trying to endlessly piece everything together yourself

What Others Have Said

To see what others have shared about their experience working with James and the impact it has had on their life.

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Brother-in-law passing
James is a refreshing individual who guides everyone to their best possible self. He’s encouraging and uplifting. James has the ability to remind you that your childhood dreams can and will be a reality with enough dedication and hard work.

When I first met James, he stood out from most people because he asked me, “What do you want to do with your life?” When I gave him the go-to professional ‘what-I’m-supposed-to-say’ answer he politely nodded and then he said, “Yes, but what do you REALLY want to do with your life?” No one had ever asked me that before, and I knew the answer right away, and it wasn’t what I was doing.

He’s a reminder that dreams can be a reality, and he helps everyone in their journeys to what they REALLY want. I suggest reading his blog, and receiving his emails. His advice is unconventional which is precisely what this 9-5 routine driven world needs.
— Ashley Bush, Jewelry Designer
Henry K.

Henry K.

I am happy to say I’ve have had the pleasure of crossing paths with James during my life. He is one of the most disciplined and creative people I’ve gotten to know and has truly played a positive role in my life. Not only in my personal development, but professional as well. His ability to help others is an excellent example of his hard work, determination, and his dedication to inspiring others to re-think not only how they view their self, but their perception of life as well. And to think – that’s only a peek into his mind. He’s definitely an eye opener and worth the time to say hello.

He’s always thinking. When he speaks, listen. He’s able to open your mind with only a few short words.
— Samah Juana
James was my first-year experience teacher in my third semester at Bryant & Stratton College. Between juggling a full-time job, full-time school, and taking care of my son, I was able to find my own way to make it work by applying his individual advice to me at the time. Anyone who is lucky enough to have him as a professor, employee, or co-worker will truly benefit from his magnetic personality. He has a way of making one think about what it is they really want in life and helps guide them in that direction. His positive and energetic attitude is refreshing as well as enjoyable to be around. James would be a great asset to any position he desired and I wish him nothing but the best in all he wants to accomplish!
— Desiree Mcleod, Former Student at Bryant & Stratton College

What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee?


I trust so much in what I teach that if it doesn't make an impact on you, you get your money back.

All I ask of you to get your refund is:

1. Try out what was taught for 10 days
(It will truly transform your life)

2. Document how you tried out what was taught
(that which is measured grows)

3. Hop on a call with me to provide feedback
of how I could have better served you

As soon as we have our call, I'll refund you your full money payment.

Remember: I'm here to help you grow.

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**Reserve your seat, only 15 spots per class**

"Being aware
of your fear
is smart.

Overcoming it

is the mark
of a successful person." 

- Seth Godin

100% Money Back Guarantee

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