Psychedelic Notes

Fall 2011

*These are very authentic with minimal editing, just fixed a couple “auto-corrected” words.

The people who make rules don’t know any better than we do. It’s only their power/control that they use to scare us into making us believe they know better.

No one escapes death, so do all you can in life and don’t waste it living for others; doing their projects, etc. Contribute, but don’t make it your life’s work. Have your own life’s work.

Your father, mother, friend, grandmother, boss, priest, etc is no smarter than you. They just have you believe they are because they’ve always been telling you what to do/”giving advice” from their own experience. You’ve looked up to them and hold them in your heart, but you can still love people without doing everything they advise and request of you. Power is all perceived, so go where the goodness is and where your heart takes you.

When you grow up, people are always telling you what to do and how to do things. From baby > child > teens > twenties > and it continues throughout life. The only addition is that you start telling others how to do stuff as well, such as your kids, because that’s how things have always been done and that’s generally how life works.

There comes a point though where you don’t have to listen to others anymore, but are still looking to be told what to do because no one taught you to believe in yourself and do what you want. That’s why people are so prone to listening to everyone else but not themselves.

Actually, no one is smarter than the other! So you should do what you want and don’t look to anyone else for satisfaction.


When you discover what you want and know, it makes it easier to move forward. You don’t need to spend your time waiting on everyone else. Waiting for them to get back to you or waiting on their decisions. Especially the people who aren’t sure what they want in life, they’re just doing what they “think” they’re supposed to do. Those people are a waste of your time, it makes more sense to forge ahead and create a community from scratch of people who believe in you rather than trying to convince people.


What Holds People Back?

  • Power over them
  • Fear
  • Being told what to do/listening to others
  • Worried what others think
  • Consequences/getting hurt/possible emotions
  • Fear of addictions
  • Fear of what you see happening everywhere else (People are afraid to do things because of stories or what happened to another person)


To not be held back, remember these:

  • Power is perceived
  • Self-control is developed
  • Develop happy mediums instead of going to extremes
  • Everyone just wants to light up the world and be loved
  • Sometimes what we think about isn’t really a problem. We need to just not think about it so much.
  • Direct your thoughts towards what you love, and surround yourself/do what you know needs to be done
    • The thinking is what deters you. Don’t think, just do
  • Often what we don’t know and come to find out is what we end up loving and changes our lives for the better.

Just because it’s unknown doesn’t mean it should be scary. Think about it, it’s the unexpected or what you stumble upon that makes life great. So drop the road map (high school > college > job > family > retire). Those are for people who don’t know what they really want and want security and are afraid to explore. But what’s unknown is what makes life great so drop it & start fresh.

You can still do what you want, but be considerate of what others are thinking/input & feeling while achieving your goals.

Get captured in your moments and enjoy the experience. Forget (fuck) everyone else’s thoughts and judgements. They don’t know shit.

They’re either successful & not doing what they really want so who cares about them, not doing what they want is what makes them unhappy


They’re successful and doing what they love so they won’t care what you’re doing because they know that part of success/love is doing what you want.

Even if people do care about what you’re doing, it’s only for a split second and then you’re forgotten. They may tell a story later on, but you won’t know or that stuff will never see the light of day again.

People’s knowledge is great for steps on how to do something specific. The living of life is up to you though.

People feel obligated/wanting to do something because everyone else does it. But really they just want camaraderie and someone to love and be a friend.

Steve Jobs was great at telling people that what they’re doing is stupid. Right in front of them while they’re doing it.

  • His college speech saying they chose the most expensive path with the least rewards
  • Academy of Achievement speech saying you shouldn’t believe in awards and awards are stupid while he’s receiving one.

Basically > Believe in yourself and don’t believe everyone else’s stupid shit. No one person is smarter than another. It’s like folding a towel - you may fold it one way and I may fold it another. It’s still going to get folded though and most likely look the same. It’s when you mix the concepts that the thing gets bundled and turns out crappy.

I think people spend so much time attached to security, waiting for something to happen, "living" how they've been told that when you do that nothing magic will happen. When you go into the unknown, that's when it all begins.

Expectations.....should only be short-term (being on time, following through for someone). Why feel obligated to family and friends? Expecting us to call during certain times or for us to make certain actions. Do what you want. just because you know someone really well shouldn’t make you more obligated. It’s a security mechanism used for people so things stay the same for them. Everyone does it, and it keeps them from truly living their life and forging ahead.

  • Long-term Expectations = Repetitiveness/No Progress
  • Short-term Expectations = Stating what the expectation is and not expecting anything more or less

Expectations of others is what keeps us from moving forward. And their long term expectations of us keep us from moving forward. (Expecting our kids to follow a certain path, make certain decisions, our friends to hang out with us a certain times, or always agree with us)

  • Other than that we just live our life and nobody knows what’s any better than the next

Expectations help us feel secure.

Why should I feel obligated and you expect me to go to your party just because we’re friends. I still love you if I’m not going....

It’s fun to get lost in the moment and just make decisions. Does deciding on a meal fast have bad repercussions? Gotta stop over thinking, usually those are worse, but still not even bad.

If you’re not doing anything towards something you like, at this point, the bum on the street is doing better than you.


James Wightman Quotes/Insights

  • Believe in yourself, because eventually everyone and everything else disappears. What's left is you.
  • Don’t let temporary inspiration be a substitute for action
  • Remember: Everyone has a 50/50 chance of going to bed tonight. So make the most of your day, it could be your last one. - via anonymous
  • Capture life and experience the moment
  • Eating healthy, being active, pursuing our passions, etc. It's all part of being human. It's science. And when we don't do these things we're doing ourselves a disservice. It's like you're saying f*ck you to being alive - James Wightman
  • A common man is simply a man. What makes him common is his mindset - James Wightman
  • Enjoy your day! There's no reason to do anything else.
  • Just do. Do the laundry, achieve your dream, ask them out, help a person. That is how history is made. All else is just a fleeting thought
  • The only thing getting in the way of what you want to achieve, is you!
  • Whatever you want to do, then do it! Thinking does nothing but get in the way.
  • Be original and not just a "pusher". Such as those corny quotes that we see over and over again. "you reap what you sow" lol
  • Life can change on the drop of a dime. That's why you enjoy every single day and do what you want
  • Life is full of changes so don't expect anything different
  • It is better to be honest with people than to give them false hope.....
  • If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them?
  • Life is not just quotes. Have a passion, and it will keep you going. For if you don't - what else are you living for?