The EO Method
Entrepreneurial Optimization

The EO Method is for entrepreneurs, high performers, and business owners desiring to remove the kinks & personal blockages that keep them from achieving the results they desire.

Personal blockages show up in all different ways. Do you ever:

  • Feel small or find it difficult to stand in your own power in the presence of others?
  • Get choked up or sense being stuck when it comes to asking for money, more money, or if they'd like to buy?
  • Feel like you're working but not in a way that's in alignment of how you naturally operate?
  • Find yourself under pressure to perform, yet still desire to grow and are internally conflicted?
  • Hesitate when it comes to meeting new people and connecting with them?
  • Discover it's difficult to make decisions and aren't progressing as fast as you'd like?
  • Worry about violating others by selling your services or product?
  • Put in all the work and find yourself disappointed in the results you're getting?

Most people either research to discover how to move through it and attempt to piece it together on their own, rely on time as the cure, or take part in programs built around the specific challenge.

The EO Method gets rid of the books, the programs, the endless research, and instead puts the power back in your hands through a one-on-one relationship between us to address every area, not just one.

Wouldn't it be easier to identify the results and what's happening and go right into clearing them up so you can move forward faster?

Really think about it, how much money and business and success are you missing out on, passing up each day? All because a feeling or thought arises that puts a barrier between you and the results you really desire. How has your challenge affected the relationships you have and the other areas of your life?

You've read the books, downloaded the courses, and are so much smarter for them. Yet, something still gets in the way!

Join me in The EO Method

The EO Method requires your complete dedication and vulnerability. Your openness and willingness to dive in and explore your history, where your beliefs came from, the realities you currently face, and the unquenchable thirst to move into an upgraded version of yourself.

See, who we are today was originally built on who we've been in relation to the experiences we've had. And, in order to clear the way for you to make progress, we need to magnify and explore how your past has rippled into the present so we can create a new wave for you to ride.

If you are called to finally clear up the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that have created barriers for you, our work together can be life altering for both you and your business(es).


You can keep researching and relying on time and knowledge in hopes that your business and other areas of life will improve. Or, decide this is the moment you take action that creates real results.