When You Fall For Success By Association

Ever hear the phrase "guilt by association?" Well, I have the opposite for you: success by association.


The fact is most of us are guilty of success by association. Do you know how you feel ecstatic when your favorite music artist goes to #1, or you're proud that your friend has a high profile job, or perhaps when your favorite team wins a game. That’s exactly what "success by association" is and we all fall into its trap at one point or another. For some reason we’re congratulating ourselves for something we didn’t even do, and yet we feel we are a part of it.


I probably used to be one of the biggest culprits. It’s like I was a proud parent talking about my child. Saying "My friend worked on this project, I know the guy who did yada yada yada," and could go on and on about my relations to other’s successes. It felt great, so why wouldn’t I want to do it?


It’s like I was connecting the wrong dots, fulfilling myself through other’s achievements. To be proud of someone for their accomplishments is most certainly a great trait to have and it’s always good to be supportive, but when we try to let it stand up as our own then it will fall short in the long run.


So continue to be excited, but don’t let the success of others act as your own. Make decisions, take action, and achieve your dreams. For that is the ultimate satisfaction.