Is Your Job A Soul Sucker?

Some people are the lucky ones, but the majority are not. We start our job, begin college, work to achieve goals, and develop new projects. (At least I think you’ve done one of those...) Anyway, there’s always a beginning, but for some people there is no real end. Perhaps the half-assed result or the ditched effort, but there’s something I’ve always been uber-curious about....

What happened?

Where did that passion go that was pouring out at the beginning?

I got thinking about all this while at my part-time job. After speaking with a multitude of people and hearing them vent I noticed a trend. When they first started they had more life, paid attention to the details, and really tried to meet the mission statement (whatever those things are). Somewhere along the way, though, it all dissipated. Poof! Gone!

I guess that’s what they mean when they say an organization/business sucks the soul right out of you. I equate it all to human nature though. When you’re striving for more, but someone limits you or you become desensitized to the obstacles and settle. That soul that originally kept you going disappears. No wonder people feel stuck. I’ve felt that way plenty of times, but the trick is learning what to do next.

I want to let you know it’s okay.... + If you’re in a job that you thought you were going love and don’t + Are getting a degree that you no longer want + Worked so hard to achieve that goal you wanted so much but no longer have the desire + Are in the midst of a project that you could give two shits about now

It’s all okay. What’s not okay is continuing through the pain because you don’t want to lose the hard work. You haven’t lost it, you’ve learned a lesson. You’ve learned more about your true self and have a better idea of what you would love. Everything in life is a learning process.

Now let’s get some comments rolling on this post. Because, the reason we gravitate towards a site like this is because we’re seeking more or need the motivation.

How did this happen to you before or what’s happening to you now?

*Keep an eye out for Thursday’s Post to find some tips for getting “re-aligned” For “the power others have is only the power you perceive.”