Moving Past Your Security Blanket Of Excuses

“Do you think you’re going to die soon?” That’s what numerous people asked me after I finished telling them about my plans for the future at the end of college. Really?

No, I don’t think I’m going to die soon. However, I do have goals I would like to accomplish in this world, places I want to travel, and people I want to see. I know, I know, “go home for a few years and get a job and pay off your loans.” That’s what everyone says. I’ve heard it time and time again. Most of my peers do it. Honestly that’s tempting and debt can feel like a burden. But fuck it! Why don’t I really put myself out there and take some risks? Maybe I’ll actually be making money by following my passions, and if not at least I’m enjoying life. It’s like that scene in "How I Met Your Mother" where Lilly says she’d rather make the mistake than wonder what could have been all her life. Granted the shit hit the fan for her and Marshall, but life is better lived adventurously than as if you’re in the Popemobile.

I’m not knocking people who like to live a quiet life, if that’s what you enjoy then do it. What I am saying? is for people to get out from under their security blanket. I’ve been there before, coming up with excuses for why you can’t achieve your goals, looking for support from others, and being afraid to move forward. You’re at a brick wall, now plow through it. You’ll feel great and another step (if not more) closer to your goals and dreams. Actually, let’s be realistic, they won’t be dreams anymore. They’re reality!

So in the end I do! I feel like I could die tomorrow. I think life is short and even if I lived until 120 years old I would feel like I had plenty of things that I would want to do to change people’s lives. When death is in front of you the decisions you make are truly your own. Three years can feel like a long time, especially when you’re not doing what you want. Heck, a year feels like a long time when you’re not doing what you want! Sit in a chair with nothing going on around you for five

minutes; it’s amazing how long that really is.

How have you been living your life?