Have You Thought About When Death Will Happen To You?

You’re dead now. That’s right, you just died. No warning, no heads up, no five stages of death (or, if you had them it was fast). Boom! It happened. Just when you thought you would have enough time to visit your friends, take that trip you’ve been thinking about for years, or take up a new hobby, you don't anymore, you've had your time. You have either used it to the fullest or wasted it, as if you left the car running but never left the driveway. That sucks (not really, you should have known)

So many of us get so preoccupied with our jobs and don’t get rid of the drama in our life that we don’t have time for what we truly want. Sometimes you just have to start from scratch and drop everything you’re doing to focus on what you really want. My sister just recently left a $50K a year job to move to the other end of the US and pursue what she really wanted. She left with only her car and some clothes. Somehow everything fell into place, which is often the case when you whole-heartedly go after what you truly desire. Now she is happier than ever.

Steve Jobs said that he thought about death every day in order to keep himself on track and living a meaningful life. Think about it - he was on top of the world and Apple was one of the most successful companies in the world, yet he got cancer and had a failed liver transplant. It’s not the timing that matters or the money you have in your life, it’s about enjoying every moment (good & bad) and making the most of what you have. It’s about living a meaningful and satisfying life, not whether you’re the most efficient and doing as much work as possible or how lofty your goals are. Do you love yourself and the life you are leading?

Do you?

What’s your favorite part about your life?