Wishing For A Memorable Experience?

Trying to relive happy moments of the past is not the wisest of choices. In fact, I advise against it (whether that counts for anything I don’t know). When we have a meal that is incredibly delicious, a special moment in time with a friend, or a “perfect” day; it’s those memories that we cherish and should continue to be thankful for. A lot of the time they’re great stories to tell or simply experiences we’d like to share with others! To be honest, I get just as much satisfaction from sharing the stories as I do from the original experience.

Recently, while a few of my friends and I went to go hiking at Clark Reservation it got me thinking more about people reliving life. Although enjoyable, and can seem like a good idea, it ends up holding us back. We spend so much time looking at what we had before that we miss out on all the other experiences available to us and opportunities that could lead to greater happiness.

Have you ever met people that continue to talk about how life is no fun and it was so much better when they were younger? I’m sorry if you fall into this category, but there is always time to change. Ultimately, it’s not age that’s the problem but the attitude towards life. I know plenty of people who are older and continue to have fun.

Those constantly looking back are missing out on actually living life.

If you want to be truly happy without having to rely on past experiences there’s a trick. Start taking each experience as it is and make it nothing more or less, practice living in the present moment, and remember that famous Oscar Wilde quote “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

It will totally change your life when you open your mind to this new (or old) way of thinking. I’ll be honest, the last time I went hiking at Clark Reservation I didn’t really enjoy it that much, but for some reason this time I did. Perhaps it was the spring weather, the camera I was using, the music we played, or the friends I was with.

Whatever your experience is, you will find it will always be different even if everything is the same. Because there is one factor that you can never get back, that day. Whether it’s the year, time, or mood you were in, nothing is ever exactly the same.

The world continues to move forward and we must as well. So embrace new experiences and live a new day!


What new experience(s) are you looking forward to?