Are You Using The Internet In A Limited Way?

As we wake up in the morning and do our best to roll out of bed without hitting the snooze button, we have our first thoughts: what’s happened on facebook, did I get any emails, what’s for breakfast? We drag ourselves over to the computer, flip it open, and check everything out. We look at our facebook feed, email, and relevant news stories, then throw on some tunes and get ready for the day ahead. What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing. What’s wrong with the entire scenario? It happens far too often.

So many of us have begun to use the internet exactly like the majority of people live their life - in a limited way, without adventure or exploration. We just look at the same happenings day after day with only slight variation, occasionally stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new, or checking out what’s been marketed to us and the crowd has caught on to.

Where has all the adventure gone?

I find myself asking that exact question frequently. When I find that I’m bored and realize I’m in a routine I’m not happy with, I know something needs to change. Is it that I’m too connected to the internet, doing too much multitasking, or living for everyone else’s work but my own? It could be none, some, or all of these possibilities.

Do you ever feel bored, but for some reason you just keep jumping between your top three favorite sites? It’s time to think of some alternatives. I’m not preaching about disconnecting from the internet. In fact I am preaching to explore the internet and step outside your routine and beyond your boundaries. Go into the maelstrom and check out sites that you normally wouldn’t. Go make mistakes, read a book, or even check out some new music.

Remember: Take a spontaneous trip, spend time by yourself (without the computer, etc), or sift your way through the wild west that some call the internet. You never know what you will find in life, but I can tell you that the best things and most meaningful experiences are usually not pre-planned. They are unexpected, for that is what makes everything so fruitful. When your life changes then you know you’re doing something with it. Come alive and explore the world, there’s more than what you know. It’s what you don’t know that gets you to where you truly want to be or shows you possibilities you never would have realized otherwise.

Here’s some sites I dig to open your world, feel free to share with me any you all think I would like.

Pinterest StumbleUpon Random Wikipedia pages (Great to make as a home page) Cool Hunting not the fanciest interface, but still great Reddit