What Your Friends Really Say About You

Are you really who you surround yourself with? We often hear that we are the environment and people we surround ourselves with, like the “You are what you eat” mentality. That makes sense, but I have a bit of a different take...

I like to think that our surroundings, friends, and such are simply an extension of us. No two friends are exactly the same and we’re friends with certain people for certain reasons. Each one of them adds something special to our lives (hopefully!), and if not then you may want to question why you’re friends with them.

Whether it’s the person who wants to party, watch movies, go on adventures, read, play pranks, or whatever, the reason you’re friends with them is that you see something in them that you like and connect with. So what am I posing here? Some people say that over time your friends' traits become a part of you. I think they already were, they just help bring your best out. Although some traits lay dormant, or may be more prevalent, it’s a specific friend that brings out and cultivates/develops that trait within us. On the other hand, if you’re surrounding yourself with lethargic or discontent people then you will often find yourself in a similar state.

We humans are complex beings, and the extension of ourselves goes far beyond our friends; It’s also the food we eat and the knowledge we search out (I’m sure there’s more, but I think that will do for now).

The discovery of what we really connect with helps us blossom into the person we want to be: our knowledge, our friends, and our surroundings (it was all there).  So if you know what you’d like to have as a part of your life: where to live, the type of friends you have, and food you eat. Move towards that, because you’re connecting with it for a reason.

We develop based on the people we meet, but you can choose who you surround yourself with to help carry you to success and help you become the person you wish to be.

So put yourself out there, make new friends, and bring the best out in you. The more people you meet and the more connections you make then the more options you have.

How have you changed over time based on your friendships?