Does Your Day Excite You?

There's a little trick I learned to being happy with life - Get Excited. We've all done it, but somewhere along the way we lost it. It all began with toys. Waking up in the morning to escape with your action figures or for some their dolls. Going on an adventure into the woods with your friends or having a sleep over. Sure there was the oh so stinging sliver or cut from the woods or the exciting mischievous gatherings, but we kept waking up for more each day.

As night approached the dread of school would set in for the next day, but you had your favorite class or teacher and group of friends that got you through it. The excitement would then begin to mount again as the end of the school day neared.

Then when we moved up to a new grade something happened that would change it all - homework. It wasn't enough that you were spending 8 hours (a third) of your day "learning" what others asked of you, they wanted more.  2-4 more hours of homework, so half your 24 hours was spent on them. Let's be honest, the other eight are spent sleeping. That leaves you with four hours for yourself, breakfast and all the other stale routines that we try to fit in our day. What happened to the fun and excitement?

I wasn't a fan of having my time taken up, I knew very few people that were. We all had the bursting notion that it was unfair and un-needingly time consuming. The results didn't match the time spent, and they still don't. The outcomes weren't worth it, and still aren't.

We spent less and less time exploring exciting possibilities, and more time meeting expectations. Somehow these brilliant expectations were put on me but nobody asked what I thought. They certainly weren't mine.

As time went on we had met enough expectations and were all finally worthy enough to work and make money. Pay towards the house, school, car, kids, trips, and other "supposed to's" of living. Just as we lost our time to explore we lost our time outside of work. An overload of ToDos, expectations of email response and god forbid if there's a task in there you have to make sure your "brainstorming" for tomorrow or "have something ready"


What happened to what excites us?

We've been convinced that the expectations of others are our own for our self. That we're moving forward by doing them. They aren't our expectation and we are not moving forward by getting an improved job title with more work - the trick is to fill your life with what you're excited to wake up for and do. That is living life.

Just as my nephew has his Cars Toothbrush and Dora water bottle, you must have your excitement throughout the day.

What excites you?

  • Your job
  • Computer
  • Writing
  • Meditating
  • Partying
  • Hanging out
  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • Relationship
  • Friendships

If not, change them.

Sure it will suck at first if you're in a tight spot or awkward situation. But. you'll get over it and so will they.

Get Excited! It’s the only way to truly live life.