Be Aware: Most People Think Like A Dinosaur

At the time of this writing I have a three year old nephew.  His birthday was a month ago. Ever since I got an iPad last May he always loves to pick it up and use it, so I let him play with it when he comes over (I know, I’m an awesome uncle!). Anyway, he had his tonsils out a week ago, so I loaded a bunch of games on there for him and let him borrow it for the week. The minute I got there he picked the iPad up and didn't want to let it go. When my sister came over for dinner during the week she was talking about how she’s amazed he knows how to use it and she doesn’t even know how. That got me thinking, and I came to a conclusion.

You can't let what you have learned interfere with what is still awaiting you. You need to experiment, be open to new possibilities and change, and be willing to make mistakes.

My nephew loved playing with the iPad and loved learning how to make it do different things and play tons of new games. The only thing that he’s missing to use the web and download Apps is how to spell . That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Now of course that example is a pretty simple one. There are ways that this applies to all of us, including myself. Some people are afraid to start a business because of all the news they’ve heard about failed businesses. Or trying new blog platforms, upgrading their phone, making new friends or getting into relationships due to bad experiences.

When you feel, or realize, that you’re letting what you know interfere with new possibilities, give yourself a birds-eye view and let go of the fear.

What are more ways that we let what we know interfere with what awaits us?