I'm Done With Helping The Clueless

“Help the helpless, not the clueless” - Dennis Miller

First, let me start off by saying I’m no political junkie. I don’t choose sides, at least not unless a given side encompasses many truths. Everyone has something to offer. What I do believe and stand for is that the quote above resonates with me, and that’s what’s most important to this article.

I’m sure I’m taking Miller’s words out of context, getting the quote totally wrong from its original intent, and end up making an ass out of myself. If not - awesome, if I do - I think you’re still going to like what I have to say.

When it comes to this quote I have to put labels on it in my mind. I guess I might have to put people through a funnel and have certain criteria, which leads to ending up in the helpless category or the clueless category. In my eyes, here’s my distinction between someone who’s helpless and someone who’s clueless....

A Helpless Person…

  • + Wants to move forward, but just doesn’t know how
  • + Doesn’t have the resources but continues to work and work. Needs some new direction
  • + Really tries to move forward, but something always gets in the way

On the other hand, a Clueless Person…

  • + Complains but won’t change what they’re doing
  • + Asks for advice, but seldom uses it
  • + Wants life on a platter without any work. Even if they got it they would still complain
  • + Has no sense of anything different other than what they know, all by choice

So many people will ask me for help all the time, but they’re still clueless (Unless I’m just bad at what I do... Ooops). They choose not to truly change their lives and instead, drain those who try sincerely to aid them in improving. I’ve stopped helping them.

Then there are people who really want to get more out of life but are stuck and don’t know how to move. When I help them, they put the effort in and actually move forward. It’s amazing the results you get with a bit of work.

Stop letting the clueless suck your time. Look at who you’re helping. There is the occasional family member/close friend that doesn’t view you as one to get advice from simply because they know you too well. As for the others, identify which category you place them in: helpless or clueless.

When clueless people constantly come to you, you can either tell them to stop or listen but not offer advice. But if you ask them to listen, you have to give them some advice.

Here’s how to give advice to the clueless:

Response #1

Response #2

We spend so much time helping the clueless people that it wastes our time and we get stressed out about it. Often going over and over in our mind how to help them. Just let it go. I guess it’s that old definition of Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Who in your life is a helpless or clueless person? Be aware so you don’t fall into the trap

Which category do you fall in? Any changes you need to make in your life?

Any descriptions you’d like to add to the Helpless and Clueless categories?