Do You Learn From People Of All Ages?

As I write this I have a couple of specific people in mind, but it would just be mean if I identified them, so I’m going to make this a broad writing.

Background: This took place while I was helping an older person prepare for a job interview (they requested help)

I recommended the book - What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here! Amazing book by the way, check it out when you can. Libraries are always great, so keep that in mind. To be honest, I don’t help people with resumes/jobs anymore. Working on those things is so monotonous and time consuming for me.

 Anyway, I began giving advice and helping them with their resume since I worked in a career development office for four years. I’m not one to give advice that doesn’t really work and I don’t talk about something I’m not sure of, so I was a tad bit upset when they were cutting me off and telling me I was wrong simply because I’m younger. When I questioned what they were saying they weren’t very open to the fact that what they knew was outdated.

 Result: They got an interview with my resume, but didn’t make it past the interview. I stopped working with them. They became too needy, and when I offered my thoughts/advice there wasn’t much appreciation. It seemed like it wasn’t worth my time.

 What I walked away with is what my mom taught me since I was a short stack. You can learn from people of all ages. Whether it’s the sincerity of a child to the wisdom of an adult everyone has something to offer. Your age is not indicative of how smart you are or how much you know. Although, people that are older tend to have a lot more experience. Most importantly, keep your mind open. Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean it’s wrong. So keep your eyes wide and your ears open; you never know what you can learn along the way. And when someone does offer advice after you asked them for it, don’t question it at every turn.

 So I hope you all get a little something from me as well, because I certainly learn from all of you.