Ellie and James

In Brief:

I used to get in my own way all the time. 

As a person who identifies as being a high performer and both creative and entrepreneurial, I'm always working on something, creating, or mapping out where I'd like to be next.

I would find all the programs and learn from all the teachers and gurus that I could, hoping they would have an answer I wasn't aware of yet. There was always a little more research to be done to figure out how to make what I wanted to happen - happen!

Eventually, I found myself knowing all these methods and ways of doing things and getting burnt out, stuck in my head, confused, and more.

They worked, but they didn't always feel right or maintainable. In fact, I felt like I was being more like the people I was following rather than myself.

Once I figured out how to really pave my own path, cultivate my own rituals, and trust myself; I began to take wild actions like quitting my job, moving states, getting clients, falling in love with the woman of my dreams (pictured above), and really taking control of what I was creating for myself in this world day-to-day.

Now, I'm not asking you to quit your job or do anything wild, that's my path and story. I'm asking you to be willing to tap into your own originality and discover what that would make possible that you may not even see, feel, or have thought of yet.

I make a living seeing the power, potential, and originality that others carry and I want to help you tap into your own true nature like I've done for myself.

Even if you're not clear yet on what that next level is for you, that's okay. What's not okay is to sit there and not do anything about it.

Whatever you're experiencing, it's all natural. You don't have to be like the people you learn from to achieve what you desire.

Now, it's time to tap into your true nature and originality.

Click the button and start the conversation. That's all it takes! And from there, I'll get a sense during our call whether we're a good fit. If we are, we can schedule a strategy session and decide from there, together, what the right program would look like for you.


Most notably, James has been recognized for:

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Eriksonian Hypnosis
  • Serving as a chief editor on the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Suitcase Entrepreneur
  • Raising over $2,500 for Charity: Water, to bring clean water to a village in Africa
  • Being the first in the world to present a TEDx Talk through Google Glass
  • Breaking two Guinness World Records - Longest Yoga Chain & Most People Having Breakfast In Bed At Once (Yes, these count!)

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